What can you learn?

The art of bodyflying

Experience top-class high flying, adrenaline kicks and endorphin highs! Here you will find out what you can learn in the Windobona wind tunnel and what flying package is suitable for you.


No matter if child, teen, twen or best ager

From 8 years. No previous knowledge or equipment necessary.

Everybody has dreamed of flying – with us you can make your dreams come true.

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If you would like to try out indoor skydiving for the first time, you can book a small flying package to get to know the Windobona wind tunnel and the sport. With the personal coaching by our experienced instructors, you will soon find a stable horizontal position and can experience true freedom when floating in the wind.

Before taking to our flight chamber, an instructor explains the basic hand signals to you and other things. Then you enter the wind tunnel where you will fulfill what is no doubt the oldest dream of humanity: flying. At the end of your indoor skydive, you receive your personal diploma and extensive feedback by your instructor.

BEGINNERS’ PACKAGE ADVANCED (flydouble, flytriple)

You have had a taste of it or would like to learn more than just the basics of indoor bodyflying at your first flight? With our flying packages of 4 or more minutes you can do just that! Depending on your learning capacity, you will learn various flight manoeuvres, how to fly in a circle, go backwards or fly upwards or downwards in a controlled manner.

BEGINNERS’ COURSES (course 10mins, course 20mins, course 30mins)

Flying packages with a longer flight time allow you to learn necessary bodyflying manoeuvres in a horizontal position that you need for the sports flyer status in indoor skydiving.

These include: free flying, independent turns, up and down, forwards and backwards, as well as entering and leaving the Windobona wind tunnel without help. If you master all these lessons, you are a certified sports flyer and can lift off at a reduced rate with us. You are also now qualified to visit our popular workshops and camps and can even take part in the indoor skydiving competitions at the Vienna Prater.

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