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Frequently asked Questions

We can not recommend people who have dislocated their shoulder to participate in the sport, as chances it will happen again are slightly higher.

You shouldn’t weigh more than 120kg.

Sure, as you should be able to see clearly while flying! We will provide you with special flight goggles you can comfortably wear over your glasses.

While we highly recommend enjoying a traditional Viennese Schnitzel, right before your flight might not be the best time. Opt for a light meal before you go on your Indoor Skydiving journey. 

Our Flight Chamber is 15m high and 4,2m wide. Bodyflying Pros can reach an altitude of up to 12m, which requires quite some practice, as perfect hand- and arm coordination is essential for ascent! Beginners accompanied by an instructor are usually able to reach up to 4m.

No. The airstream, also known as wind speed or velocity can be set individually for each participant! Depending on size, weight and experience of the flyer, wind velocity can be adjusted accordingly from a control room.

Beginners usually experience a freefall velocity of 50 metres per second, while Bodyflying Pros using the Wind Tunnel to simulate parachute maneuvres experience up to crazy 70 metres per second!

You are able to access the Wind Tunnel through a door in the floor of the flight chamber. Your position right next to the airstream will allow you to simply lean into it. Your instructor will assist you accordingly and you will feel your feet leave the ground as you enter the face-down position in the airstream.

Yes and no. You will be the only flight student in the Wind Tunnel, while accompanied by a seasoned instructor (if you are a beginner). He will help you find the right positions and teach you the correct use of arms and legs to maneuver your flight. Should you want to end your flight prematurely, your instructor will provide support in doing so!

Er hilft dir, die richtige Körperhaltung einzunehmen und deine Arme und Beine richtig einzusetzen. Er kann dir außerdem jederzeit helfen, den Flug zu beenden, falls dies notwendig sein sollte.

Aus Sicherheitsgründen ist es nicht möglich, dass zwei oder mehrere Anfänger gemeinsam Fliegen, sondern nur abwechselnd voneinander.

No, you don’t need to have any special skills or experience to participate in Bodyflying. You will be briefed thoroughly by a professional instructor before, during and after your flight!

No. All you need are a clean pair of sneakers and we’ll provide you with all the flight-/safety equipment needed to safely participate in the experience!

We recommend coming in comfortable clothes allowing for maximum freedom of movement! Shirts with stiff collars, including Polos are discouraged and not suited for wear under a flightsuit.

Yes, any time! Your pre-flight introduction will include a variety of hand gestures you can use to communicate with your instructore. Should you feel the need to prematurely end your flight, just let him or her know and you’ll recieve assistance in leaving the Flight Chamber.

For inexperienced Bodyflyers without training, we don’t recommend exceeding a total of 20 Minutes in the Flight Chamber per day. Seasoned Bodyflyers and Pros often spend an entire hour in the vertical chamber!