For Proflyers

Adrenaline Junkies welcome: Calling all Air Athlethes!

You’re an experienced parachuter, have just completed your skydiving training or have had your fair share of tunneltime? Here at Windobona Indoor Skydiving, you can work on improving your skills all year round – rain or shine! Discover our special offers for Proflyers now!

Our Proflyer Packages

Proflyer Package Details:
Sportflieger 10 Minuten

Proflyer 10 Minutes

Feed your talent!
Air Time:
10 Minutes
Price: € 150
Sportflieger 15 Minuten

Proflyer 15 Minutes

More Skills for Thrills!
Air Time:
15 Minutes
Price: € 225
Sportflieger 20 Minuten

Proflyer 20 Minutes

Train hard. Fly harder!
Air Time:
20 Minutes
Price: € 300
Sportflieger 30 Minuten

Proflyer 30 Minutes

Finesse your Flightskills
Air Time:
30 Minutes
Price: € 360
Sportflieger 45 Minuten

Proflyer 45 Minutes

Practice makes perfect!
Air Time:
45 Minutes
Price: € 540
Sportflieger 60 Minuten

Proflyer 60 Minutes

The sky is the limit!
Air Time:
60 Minutes
Price: € 720

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