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Still have questions about Indoorskydiving?

We have put together the most frequently asked questions. If your question is still unanswered, you can contact us at any time through our contact form or by telephone.

How do I get into the air stream?2019-02-22T12:42:27+01:00

You enter the air stream through a door at the base of the wind tunnel. Here you are standing next to the air stream and simply lean into it. The instructor will provide assistance and you will feel how your legs lift off the ground and you go into a horizontal face-down position. As soon as you are used to it, you will be able to fly in all three dimensions.

What is the maximum falling speed?2019-02-22T12:45:03+01:00

As a beginner you will experience an average freefall speed of 50 metres per second. Bodyflying professionals who use the Windobona wind tunnel to train parachuting usually work with a speed of up to 70 metres per second.

Is the wind speed the same for everyone?2019-02-22T12:48:35+01:00

No, the air flow and the wind speed are adjusted individually to each participant. The flight chamber controller regulates the wind speed and varies it according to height, weight and bodyflying experience.

How can I influence the height of my flying?2019-02-22T12:51:24+01:00

Our instructor will accompany you into the flight chamber to teach you the basic bodyflying manoeuvres. With a little practice it will be easy for you to control your altitude.

How high can I fly indoors?2019-02-22T12:52:44+01:00

Our wind tunnel is 15 metres high and 4.3 metres wide. Bodyflying professionals can fly indoors up to 12 metres high. This takes a bit of practice, however, because hand and arm coordination are essential for ascending. Beginners fly under instruction at the beginning and for certain flight manoeuvres up to a height of about 4 metres.

How big is the Windobona wind tunnel?2019-02-22T13:02:52+01:00

Our wind tunnel is 4.3 metres wide and 15 metres high. Bodyflying professionals can fly up to 12 metres above the ground.

What is the maximum weight?2019-02-22T13:01:27+01:00

The maximum weiht is 120kg.

What is a vertical wind tunnel?2019-02-22T13:00:34+01:00

Our vertical wind tunnel pushes air upwards in a vertical column and this enables the simulation of freefall. This is equivalent to a parachute jump from an altitude of 4000 metres. This is why it is also called indoor skydiving.

Can I wear my glasses during the indoor skydive?2019-02-22T12:59:53+01:00

Of course! After all, you ought to be able to see something during your bodyflying experience. We give you special flying goggle that you can wear comfortably over your own glasses.

Can I eat normally before the indoor skydive?2019-02-22T12:56:36+01:00

It would be better to avoid eating a huge schnitzel before flying. Just to be sure. We recommend having a light meal.

Am i too heavy?2019-02-22T12:55:21+01:00

To be able to indoor fly safety, the maximum weight is 120 kg.

How come I don’t fall down?2019-02-22T12:54:26+01:00

Our tunnel is a circulating wind tunnel. Four enormous fans generate a streamlined flow of air. This air current keeps you in the air and enables the indoor skydive – without any danger of falling.

Can I fly indoors if I have dislocated my shoulder in the past?2019-02-22T01:34:48+01:00

We recommend that persons who have ever dislocated their shoulder to abstain from indoor skydiving, as the chance of dislocating it again is increased.

How long can I fly in the Windobona wind tunnel?2019-02-22T01:35:07+01:00

For inexperienced bodyflyers, it is normally not recommended to fly more than 20 minutes in one day. Bodyflying professionals often spend more than an hour per day in the vertical wind tunnel.

Can I interrupt the indoor skydive?2019-02-22T01:37:46+01:00

Yes, at any time! During the induction, you learn a hand signal that indicates to the instructor to help you out of the wind tunnel.

Can several persons fly at the same time?2019-02-22T12:38:08+01:00

Experienced skydivers use the wind tunnel to train complex formations with up to 8 persons at the same time. Beginners are accompanied only by an instructor. Once you have got used to the freefall and can carry out controlled movements yourself, it is possible for other practiced persons to fly with you.

Do I need a special equipment?2019-02-22T12:39:19+01:00

No, you only need clean sports shoes for the Windobona skydiving. We will equip you for your flight with a special flysuit, goggles, helmet and ear plugs.

Am I alone in the wind tunnel?2019-02-22T12:41:28+01:00

Yes and no. You complete your indoor skydive alone, so not with other flying apprentices. However, as a beginner an experienced instructor is always with you in the wind tunnel during your bodyflying experience, helping you to adopt the correct body position and to use your arms and legs correctly.

Help with ending the flight can also be provided at any time, if this should be necessary.


Do I need prior skills?2019-02-22T12:40:26+01:00

No, you do not need any special prior knowledge or skills for bodyflying. You receive instruction for indoor skydiving and thorough preparation by your instructor, who will explain everything in detail and basic positions and hand signals are practiced beforehand in the dry run.

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