How does it work?

How does Indoor Skydiving work?

Watch the video below to find out what to expect when you enter our Flight Chamber for the first time and why this exhilerating activity is 100% safe!

Everyone can fly at WINDOBONA Indoor Skydiving! Visit us with your friends, family, co-workers or book yourself some solo air-time to work on your skills!

What are you waiting for?

That's how it works


What you’ll need to bring!

After you’ve selected a suitable Flight Package, you are already one step closer to being airborne. There’s not much you need to pack before you start your first flight lesson at the Prater. All we ask is for you to be in good spirits and pack a clean pair of trainers/running shoes – that’s it!
At Windobona

Preparation and Lift-Off

On the day of your flight, please make sure you check in 45 Minutes prior to your timeslot. All pilots are required to fill out a Waiver of Liability additionally to our Terms and Conditions. These documents can be easily filled out online before your visit: Don’t forget to note the Transaction Number of your reservation and present it when you check in.
If you have booked a group package, the total flight time can be divided amongst participants in any way you please, upon arrival. Then, you’re all set to start your lesson! 

Be excited

Are you ready for the coolest attraction the Prater has to offer?

After a professional introduction to bodyflying, you will be provided with the necessary equipment and ready for lift-off. Beginner flyers will be accompanied by an instructor. Group participants can enter the tunnel one by one. Be part of the action, even when you aren’t in the air, and cheer on your fellow flyers from the sideline!

Check out our FAQ-section for more information about the art of Bodyflying or use our Contact Form to reach out with a question of your own!