Indoor Skydiving at the Vienna Prater

An exhilerating Experience

Have you always wondered what it feels like to be swept off your feet and experience the thrill of free fall?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Make your dreams of flying reality at Windobona Vienna and take off in Austrias only Wind Tunnel!

Indoor Skydiving at the Wiener Prater!

Are you ready for endorphines? to take off? for an adrenalinekick? for the coolest sport ever? to take flight?

Bodyflying or indoor skydiving is an exciting sport with growing popularity all around the world. The coolest thing about this exhilarating experience, is that anyone can participate! Discover offers for our various different courses, from personal coaching to group packages.

Anyone can fly

Our Offer at Windobona

Did you know, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to participate in bodyflying or indoor skydiving?
Our inclusive community welcomes thrill-seekers of all ages and experience levels. Whether you’re visiting alone, with friends and family, or looking for an unforgettable teambuilding activity with your colleagues:

At WINDOBONA, anyone can experience the magic of bodyflying and start improving their skills.

Experience a simulated free-fall and discover the the art of bodyflying! Find the perfect flight package and book your slot in our state-of-the-art wind tunnel in one of the worlds most iconic theme park.
Our offer ranges from classes for first-time-flyers, all the way to personal coaching for regulars.

Taking team building activities to the next level: Surprise your employees with an office outing they’ll never forget, or impress clients with a presentation at the most exciting venue the capital has to offer. We hope to welcome you and your colleagues at WINDOBONA soon!

Almost anyone can become a bodyflying professional! Check out our advanced courses and learn from the very best. Discover special deals for those who want to finetune their flight skills and use our modern facility to its full potential.

The perfect gift for thrill-seekers and adrenaline cravers: Purchase WINDOBONA gift cards and surprise your loved ones with a unique experience. The lucky recipient is always busy or doesn’t live in Vienna? WINDOBONA gift cards can be redeemed online for available slots in the future.

Not sure if Indoor Skydiving is for you? Let’s talk!

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Frequently asked Questions

What to expect when visiting the WINDOBONA tunnel


Have you ever jumped out a plane with a parachute? That’s what entering the WINDOBONA tunnel feels like. Minus the plane. Without a parachute. 100% Safe.


The best thing about bodyflying, is that almost anyone can do it! If you’re generally of good health and between 8 and 99 years old, you’re ready to take-off!


The WINDOBONA wind tunnel simulates a free fall, helping you reach vertical top speeds between 120km/h and 280 km/h!


Your personal coach will not only brief you before you start your flight, but guide you through the lift-off and never leave your side as long as you’re in the air. Our experienced instructors will gladly answer any questions you have about Indoor Skydiving.


We’ll provide you with proof for friends and family. After your flight, you’ll be able to purchase a video of your aerial performance.


You can find the WINDOBONA Wind Tunnel in the heart of one of Europe’s most iconic theme parks! The Vienna Prater is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the Capital. We’re almost impossible to miss.


Austrias first commercial Windtunnel

Unrestricted fun for everyone

Everyone above the age of 8 can fly – no prior experience needed! We will provide you with everything you need. Expect an adrenaline rush you’ll never forget.

Enormous fun for little ones!

Every child has dreamt of soaring through the air like their favorite super hero. At WINDOBONA, we can make that dream reality. Children aged 8 and above can not only access the tunnel with friends, but even host the birthday party everyone will remember at this special location!

Learn to fly like a bird

Perfect the basics and go Pro! Our friendly instructors will guide you through the first steps and help you learn more advanced maneuvers with every session.

You aren't new to Bodyflying?

Discover Proflyer packages and train with the best: Professional coaching sessions, tailored to fit your personal level, at WINDOBONA Indoor Skydiving.

Spend an unforgettable day at the Vienna Prater

Located in the heart of the Viennese Capital, the Prater is one of Europe’s most iconic Theme Parks. A variety of fun rides and activities for kids and grown-ups alike, await you!