There is a lot to learn in indoor skydiving

You have had a taste for it, want to learn flying manoeuvres and independent use of the Windobona wind tunnel? Then check out one of our popular courses!

On our specially developed course programme, you can learn the basics of bodyflying at one of the most popular attractions at the Vienna Prater and become an ADVANCED FLYER or PRO FLYER. You will find out more about the sport and learn various indoor flying manoeuvres.

With the support of our experienced team and advanced level, you will soon get to grips with it and will be on the right track to becoming a true PRO FLYER who can share flying time with other pros.

We support and advise you

Your coach is the best? You can book him or her for all further training units and discuss your learning progress directly.

This is included in the course package:
  • Personal Coach

  • Introduction

  • Equipment

What you can learn:
  • Bodyflying-basics, independent steering

  • Flight manoeuvres

  • Independent entering and leaving the Windobona wind tunnel

Course 10 min

€ 180,00

Learn new skills and deepen your knowledge!

Lerne die Basics des Bodyflyings!
  • Flying duration: 10 minutes

Course4kids 10 min

€ 165,00

The adventure for kids between 8 and 14 years!

Lerne die Basics des Bodyflyings!
  • Flying duration: 10 minutes

Course 20 min

€ 330,00

Improve and train your skills!

Lerne die Basics des Bodyflyings!
  • Flying duration: 2 x 10 minutes

Course 30 min

€ 445,00

With this course you will become a bodyflying professional!

Lerne die Basics des Bodyflyings!
  • Flying duration: 3 x 10 minutes

Flight levels

You can learn the following levels

How much flying time one needs, as a rule, to become an ADVANCED FLYER depends on talent and individual learning speeds. The same applies as in every sport: practice makes perfect – the more time you spend in the Windobona wind tunnel, the faster you will complete the various levels. If you master all ADVANCED FLYER levels, you can take on the PRO FLYER levels.


Level1 - Belly flying

Basic manoeuvres: Neutral position / Turns / Up and down / Forwards and back /
Entering and leaving the tunnel / Side slides / Grips /Superpositioning

Level2 - Flying on your back

Transition - Barrel roll front to back / Neutral position / Barrel roll back to front / Turns / Up and own / Forwards and back / Side slide / Superpositioning / Transition from back to front

Level3 - Sitting

Walking on the net / Neutral position / Up and down / Forwards and back / Transition from sitting to back / Transition from back to sitting / Head-up inface carving / Head-up outface carving / Superpositioning

Level4 - Layouts

Frontlayout / Backlayout / Stalling

Level5 - Headdown

Neutral position on the net / Neutral position / Up and down / Transition from head-down to sitting via back / Forwards and back / Transition from sitting to head-down via back / Head-down inface carving / Head-down outface carving /

Useful Tools

The WINDOBONA tunnel book, which you can buy from us at the reception desk, is used to record your learning units and measure your progress.

You can also discuss your development with your instructor on the basis of the video material that is recorded with each flight unit and that you receive free of charge with the sport pilot status.

Your coach will also work out your personal learning plan, taking your wishes into account.

The most important thing is that you have fun!