Have fun together – Fly together

Perfectly suited to family gatherings, birthday parties, stag nights, corporate outings and much more! You will experience the ultimate thrill of flight at the heart of Vienna!

Our group packages are specially tailored to experiencing one of the most exceptional attractions at the Vienna Prater together. Share fascinating moments, incredible emotions and get an extra adrenaline boost!

This is included in the package:
  • Personal Coach

  • Introduction

  • Equipment

  • Experience: up to 90 minutes

Fly4family and Fly4friends (10 min) can now be booked as a Group S package

Group S (10 min)

€ 245,00

You are braver as a group? No problem.

  • flying time: 10 minutes

  • for max. 5 persons

Group M (20 min)

€ 475,00

Let your grandma, aunties, uncles, cousins or friends lift off!

  • Flying time: 20 minutes

  • for max. 8 persons

Group L (30 min)

€ 665,00

Let your family or friends take to the skies for longer!

  • Flying time: 30 minutes

  • for max. 10 persons

Group XL (60 min)

€ 1330,00

Come with almost all your friends or your family!

  • Flying time: 60 minutes

  • for max. 20 persons

How it works for groups:

STEP1: As soon as you know how many people want to experience bodyflying, you can find out about the right group package.

STEP2: Book your suitable group package or write to us for an individual offer.

STEP3: Arrive to check in 45 minutes before your booked flight time on the flight day and simply enter the transaction number of your booking here. Here you fill out the conditions of participation. You can also do this online in advance.

STEP4: Let’s go to the introduction. Here you learn the most important hand signals that you need for bodyflying, you can ask all your questions and practice your flight position. Then we split up your flight minutes – as you wish – and then you’re ready to go!

STEP5: Time to take off! There is always only one plane in the Windobona wind tunnel, while the others can watch and cheer on.

Isn’t the right thing for you? Just contact us here so that we can create an individual offer for you. In general we recommend a flight time between 4 and 6 minutes per person. With this flight time, most beginners can control the first flight maneuvers alone

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