WINDOBONA offers a range of indoor flying courses with different flying times.

The learning process is individual and therefore varies for each person. It depends mostly on the age, sporting background and experience. As a rule of thumb, it is necessary to spend 20 - 30 minutes in total until one is able to carry out all the basic positions to move in the wind tunnel. The basic position is the belly position.

Once you have booked a course, please check-in 45 minutes prior the appointment. You will receive a short theoretical instruction on the basic positions and the usual sign language generally used in the flight chamber.

In the wind tunnel the accelerated wind airflow is quite loud, similar to the one you would get driving a car on the highway with an open window, making it hard to lead a full conversation. This is why it is easier to communicate with sign language.

The instructor will be teaching and training you during all the time. You will be taught the following basic positions that are necessary to fly self-dependent in the wind tunnel:

  • Neutral flying position
  • Flying up and down
  • 360° twists
  • Forward and backward
  • to enter and exit the flight chamber by yourself
  • the combination of the basic positions - 3-D

The sequence of the positions and maneuvers taught will differ on an individual basis.

Look forward to a unique experience, becoming to feel capable and safe enough to move on your own in a 3-dimensional space, to be able to fulfill your dream of flying and become our new Pro-flyer!