Group flying at Windobona

The dream of flying is as old as humanity itself. WINDOBONA offers you the possibility to discover this feeling in a safe environment without the need for previous experience or special equipment.

We invite you to live those emotions as a group with your acquaintances, friends, work colleagues or family members. Our flight chamber is entirely made of glass so that you can mutually watch each other fly and encourage each other for the next flight!

We make your group experience possible:

  • Take your special one on air instead of a bed of roses
  • A different way to celebrate a birthday for your kids
  • Family fun from 8 to 99 years old
  • Bachelors party
  • Group excursions and teambuildings

We offer group packages with a variation of flying time, the distribution of the minutes can be done directly before flying.


If you should you not find what you need, please contact us... so that we can work together on your specific needs : RFP : Request for Proposal

Please notice that the maximum body weight is 120 kg. Every participant has to use one of our suits, if you are in doubt if they fit, come and try them before your booking.