How does it work?

Indoor skydiving is a sport discipline that allows to experience the sensation of free fall, and allows you to learn how to fly with your own body. You float on an airbed and need no previous knowledge about how to do it.


Indoor skydiving is a new modern sport enjoying increasing popularity and a strong factor of addiction. It is often talked about as "body flying" implying that you can fly with your body.

In the wind tunnel the wind speed can go up to 280 km/h. The air outflow velocity is the same you would experience during a free fall or parachute jump from an airplane from an altitude of 4.000 meters.

With us you need no long lasting instructions, nor a plane jump, to feel what free fall is all about! You can fulfill your dream of flying in a safe environment, independent of weather conditions, no need for a laborious previous training nor complex equipment.

The wind tunnel has a diameter of 4.3 meters and is 17 meters high. The flight chamber is made fully of glass, which makes it possible for everyone to enjoy watching the flight experience.


First Time Flyers

Enjoy your first flight minutes together with your instructor and experience the dream of flight.


Learn to freely fly your body in the wind tunnel and all on your own.


Train your skills and fly together with other sportflyers.