Experienced flying is really easy. You can reserve your flight through our booking system. If you want to check if you can fly, please read Can I fly?

The different first time flyer packages include a different amount of flying time. We recommend to book your flight in advance to ensure that you really get the chance to fly. If you do not want to make an appointment or just want to have a look and decide later, please come to our reception. We can NOT guarantee that there will be flying time available if you have not reserved it in advance.


Please bring comfortable clothes, for example jeans and T-Shirt, sport shoes that you can tie, the invoice of your flight as well as your booking confirmation and plenty of good spirits.


You have to check in at reception 45 min prior to your booked flying time.

Checking in at our reception desk, you will be requested to fill in a liability waiver. To save time, you can also fill out the waiver in advance online. If you fill out the form online, please note the transaction number given by the system; you will need to provide this number at the reception desk.

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Once the reception desk has the signed waiver or transaction number, you will be accompanied to the training room for a pre-briefing and the flight instructor will then take you to the flight chamber.

You will get a short introduction that explains the correct body position to you and will give you some more necessary information.

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Subsequently, you will receive your equipment which includes a suit, goggles, a helmet and noise protection. If you do not have your own sport shoes, you can rent short shoes that can be tied up.

Now you are ready to fly and your instructor will bring you and your group inside the tunnel. Our team consists of experienced and professional instructors that will accompany you during your whole flying experience in the wind tunnel. You will never be alone in the wind tunnel.

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During your flying you will rotate with the other persons of your group. That gives you breaks and the chance to see other people flying as the wind tunnel is totally made from glass.

A beginner always flies alone with an instructor in the wind tunnel. The airflow gets individually adjusted for every person. Be thrilled about your flying experience and spread your wings!

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After the flight you will have the opportunity talk with your instructor about your experience and you will get your personal flight diploma.

You can buy a USB stick with your videos. It is a good way to share this experience with your friends and family.