Kids can fly too!

Kids can fly too! Make your child’s dreams come true by giving them a chance to glide through the air like a fairy princess or like Superman! It’s not just adults who enjoy indoor skydiving - kids can have a lot of fun doing it too.


WINDODONA allows children to enjoy the new sensation of their bodies flying in the air. Set in a new and playful environment, this experience is an incredible one for both young and old(er) alike!

Bring along your entire family to WINDOBONA and we will let all of you take part in the fascination of flight. No matter if your daughter always dreamt of having the magic flying powers of a fairy princess or if your son has set his sights on becoming the next Superman, we are delighted to welcome you and your children to our unique offering.

Indoor skydiving is lots of fun for all age groups. You and your family can just stop by our facilities for a spontaneous flight session. Or you can also plan ahead for the next birthday party for your child – a party that we can make all the more special by having our instructors dress as superheroes, ensuring that your child is fully immersed in their own true superheroe's tale!

Good to know:

Children under the age of 18 will need a parental written authorization.

Before the flight, children are given a short briefing on what to expect during their flight. You are welcome to take part in that briefing even if you yourself won’t be flying. The briefing teaches them the proper flying positions in a playful way, then they don their super flying suits and off they go to fly – along with an instructor, of course – into the wind tunnel. Making your child’s dream of flying come true is as simple as that!

We are looking forward to welcoming both you and your children to WINDOBONA. Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions.

You can book your flying package here: Prices and Booking. All packages apply for both adults and children.