What we do

Austrias first and only Wind Tunnel

In our state-of-the-art Wind Tunnel, we are able to simulate wind speed up to simulate a free fall velocity of up to 280 km/h!
Wondering what that feels like? Imagine jumping out of a 4000m high plane with a parachute – only without the plane. And without the parachute.

100% safe!

You want to fly Indoors?

All our Flight Packages inlcude flight- and safety equipment and a professional instructor, who will safely guide you through the procedure and brief you accordingly, so you can enjoy the experience to the Max!
You are between 8 and 99 years old and ready to defy the laws of gravity? Find out what you need to participate!

What you will find at Windobona Vienna

360°Adrenaline Kick

With a diameter of 4,3 metres and its height of 15 metres in total, the Windobona Wind Tunnel is one of the largest located in Europe. Up to 8 experienced flyers can simultaneously practice exhilerating Indoor Skydiving maneuvres and formations. Completely encased in glass, friends, family and even a larger audience can experience the Skydivingsimulation up close from all angles!

Modern Technology

Our one of a kind facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, making it incredibly reliable. This allows us to provide a professional, 100% safe experience and a chance to participate in this unique activity, right in the heart of Vienna. Whether you're a first-time flyer wanting to try something new, or need a space to improve your skills - You're at the right place!