Load organizing

In summer WINDOBONA will be offering its instructors for drop zones around Austria, for load organizing events. A perfect opportunity to take new skills learned from the wind tunnel and put them into the sky in a safe - and fun environment. Let´s take all aspects of flying to the next level!

Sponsored by WINDOBONA, participants can enjoy the events at no extra cost, just the cost of their own slots. One of our experienced instructors will be available for each of the dates announced and will divide participants up into suitable groups based on experience and level. Our load organizer will also provide tips and advice for all jumpers in all aspects of safety, navigation for tracking and general awareness. The goal is to create a fun and safe environment that can increase the quality of the skydiving for everyone involved.

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Mai 1 - Speedstar Training 190.jpg

For any queries please contact us at booking@windobona.at.

Dates will be announced on Facebook and local drop zones.