3rd Austrian Nationals in

Indoor Skydiving & Windobona Open 2019

8th - 9th March, 2019


We are looking forward to a great competition and many
participants and spectators!


Registration is open now under nationals@windobona.at or stefan.lehner@windobona.at.


Last registration date: February 15th 2019


Keep on track about the latest info on our Facebook
event page!


The official Bulletin and further information:

- Summary and explanation of individual disciplines

- FS & VFS rules

- Divepool 2 way FS

- Divepool 2 way VFS


Thanks to all participants, helpers and judges! The Austrian Nationals have been a great event!


>> Here you'll find the results of the Austrian Nationals and Windobona Open 2018 <<



Those were the Austrian Nationals 2018


The nationals took place at WINDOBONA Vienna on the 24th and 25th of Febuary 2017.

Here you find all downloads of the Bulletin and Annexes.

Bulletin: Austrian Nationals and 1st. WINDOBONA Open

Annex 1.1. Sportingcode

Annex 1.2. ÖWBO

Annex 2 FS and VFS

Annex 3 VFS2way

Annex 4 FS2way

Annex 5 Dynamic2way