How does it work when you want to fly as a group?

As soon as you know how many participants you have, you can inform yourself directly on the website about the different packages. If you are not certain that flying is the right activity for you, please look at the pre requisites on "Can I fly?" in the beginners section.

We recommend an average of 4 - 6 minutes flight per person. With this duration most can already master the first flight maneuvers. On the day of your flight appointment, please do come 45 minutes in advance to proceed to the check in. Each and every participant must fill in a participation waiver. You also can do it in advance ,in that case please note your transaction number and submit it when you are checking in.

The flying time will be distributed in the group directly before flying, and this why it does not really matter who wants to fly how long. The total flying time will be as you wish, we stay at your disposal all the time for assistance and advice.

Ideally we would like to give you the instructions all together as a group, but it of course depends on the size of your group.

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Once the prebriefing is completed, you are ready to go with the instructor to fly in the wind tunnel! As the flight chamber is totally made of glass, you can take turns and watch each other fly and enjoy the experience together.

Once you have finished, you have the possibility to order a video or pictures of your unique experience. It is nice to have a souvenir of you opening your wings.

Should you have any question, please do contact us.

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