WINDOBONA Vienna, the first wind tunnel in Austria, calls for all active and adventurous boys and girls aged 8 – 14 to join our club for younger flyers!

Indoor skydiving is new, absolutely safe and a very kids-friendly sport activity. We offer a special program for step-by-step mastering your flying skills in a dynamic group environment.

Lets get started!

Our well-trained personal instructors are always available for young flyers and each stage is performed by one instructor to ensure a supportive and steady learning process. All courses could be taught in German, English or French (by request).

Learning stages are divided into 6 flying sessions within a period of 3 weeks. Goals are easy to reach to ensure motivation and positive perspective during the learning process.

Level 1 – Let’s get started

Learn about our wind tunnel, understand your flight equipment. Learn and practice the basic flying position. Master the basic maneuvers of flying up/down and turns.

Level 2 – Let’s move on

Use the basic moves learned during Stage 1 to get more from each flying session. Start to use your legs and arms to fly forward/backwards and be able to fly in every direction inside the flight chamber. Once you are feeling secure doing it, you can fly into/out of the flying chamber absolutely independently.

Level 3 – Let the serious fun begin

Practice to get the most out of your skills. The tunnel is now your playground! We practice to fly through courses and start playing games in the tunnel. Fly in 8’s around people up and down to understand the air flow better. We start to see the difference in crossing somebody and getting stronger in flying when we master going through the air bubbles. Practice handshakes and grips – and high-five like a pro in all flying positions.

Level 4 – Master it like a pro

Thanks to skills achieved in the first 3 stages, now you start to flying like the pros, share time and to learn to fly in planned formations. Understand how to take grips and test yourself in different group formations. Play with various flying positions. Walk in the tunnel, walk on the net or even walk vertically up the glass. Lay down and use your body as a wing to stand up. Play around with everything that is possible here. At the end of this stage we also make a fun competition to play with what we have learned.

Level 5 – Fly free

Time for proper introduction to the world of “freefly”. You can now start to fly in every position imaginable. And to achieve a certain wind speed, we show you how to do “back fly”. Learn the neutral position on your back and move into that position to any direction you want.