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Better together

You are looking for an extraordinary event location or an individually planned experience for your team or loyal customers? WINDOBONA Vienna has the answer with endorphine-guarantee: Peak-Experience, interactive, unique - the mankind dream of flying comes true - TOGETHER!

EVENTS - Surprise & Inspire

Strengthen the image of your company being unique through choosing a completely new and different kind of event.

No matter if you have a product presentation, christmas party, promotion or after-work get2gether: We will plan a package which will meet your requirements.

TEAMBUILDING – Be more successful with a team

Listen, trust, communicate and motivate: A team, whose members are perfectly attuned to each other, can meet challenges more easily. Support the corporate culture and the team spirit with an Indoor Skydiving experience. Cheer for your colleagues, while they are flying and learn to trust yourself and our instructors in situations which are new for you.

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INCENTIVES - Motivation & Activation

There's still the trend to reward outstanding performance. Employers motivation, increasing productivity, team spirit and loyalty - in every case your incentive event at WINDOBONA Vienna will be unforgettable for every participant.

Contact us under: office@windobona.at or fill out the Request for proposal we will get in touch with you immediately.