4th Austrian Nationals in Indoor Skydiving & Windobona Open

We are looking forward to a great competition and many participants and spectators!

Registration per Email to: nationals@www.windobona.at or stefan.lehner@www.windobona.at

This is what we need for your registration:

  • Team Name
  • Name of participants
  • Sports licence of the participants
  • Discipline
  • T-Shirt size
  • Billing address

Last registration date: February 20th 2020

The official Bulletin and further information:

– The Official Timetable

– Annex 1.1 Sportingcode – section 5

– Annex 1.2 ÖWBO

– Annex 2 FS und VFS

– Annex 3 VFS 2Way Divepool

– Annex 4 FS 2Way Divepool

– Annex 5 Dynamic 2Way and 4Way

-Annex 5.1 Dynamic 2Way and 4Way Extension

Annex 6 Dynamic Solo Speed

– Annex 7 Solo Freestyle

-Annex 8 Solo Freestyle Junioren

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These were the 3rd Austrian Championships & Windobona Open in Indoorskydiving 2019.