Kathya Touissant

Alter: 25 Jahre

Nationalität: Frankreich

Beruf: Indoor Skydiving Instruktorin

Unsere Instruktorin und Profi-Indoor Skydiverin Kathya Touissant nahm im Jänner 2018 bei den Französischen Meisterschaften im Indoor Skydiving "Clash of Lyons" teil und erreichte den hervorragenden 4. Platz in der Disziplin Freestyle. Sie matchte sich mit der Weltspitze und trat unter anderem gegen die aufstrebende Red Bull Athletin Maja Kuczyńska an.

Hier erzählt Kathya von ihren Eindrücken der Meisterschaft:

Windobona: So Kathya, last week you competed in Lyon at the “Clash of Lyons”, the French championships and international competition in Indoor Skydiving.

How was it for you to compete in Lyon?

Kathya: Well, it was for sure awesome but it was scary because it was my first international competition and really high level too. And there were ten people competing so I wasn’t sure how it would be in the end. Before was super stressful for sure but once you compete it’s just so much fun, it’s like ‘yeeeah now I remember why I wanted to do this!’ And once it starts it’s just so cool. Before its just “waaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” – I don’t know how you gonna translate that, haha. It’s just super scary because there are so many things, you can screw up, and there were many moves in my routine that I still had to train so much and with the new tunnel I was wondering if I can figure it out and we had only an hour there to train everything.

Windobona: Wow cool! And how did you prepare for the competition?

Kathya: So, well I trained a lot in my “home” tunnel at Windobona in Vienna. I am one of the sponsored athletes by Windobona, where I have great possibilities to train and perfect air conditions. I did a lot of yoga and stretching, and you know, conditioning. Also a lot of visualization. And I listened to the song I was competing to about 500 times, when I was going to work, at night and all day long, and flying to it to make sure it gets natural. When I know the beat, I know exactly where I have to go and after that the challenge is to be able to fly in the tunnel, to be able to fly as fast as you can!

Das war Kathya's Finalrunde in Lyon:

Windobona: Did you have the music in ear during the competition?

Kathya: Yeah, we have the music and we have a transmitter so we can hear exactly the same as the audience. And so we can orientate a bit better. Without the music we could also fly in one minute but if you just feel the music and you hear the beat it kind of pushes you. You’re feeling into it.

Windobona: Did you have any challenges before or at the competition?

Kathya: Challenges… Well, yeah, I flew in a complete new tunnel because I only had an hour flying in the tunnel and the references completely different, the glass is round, the air is different, so I didn’t know the speeds and we only knew last minute the orientation of the judges so I had to kind of adjust my routines to either 180 degrees or 90, so that was challenging for sure.

Windobona: Did you feel nervous before your flight or how was your feeling?

Kathya: Yes, but more like.. I don’t know how nerves manifest in me but I was just super calm. Maybe inside me I was like “aaaaaahhhhh!” but outside I was just like, ‘yeah, I’m gonna fly now’. I just have this thing with my leg, haha (tapping her foot fast against the floor), I do this a lot, especially before the competition but once I start I get calm. It’s like you skydive, at the door, once you’re in there you get focused and quiet.

Windobona: Impressive! Do you have a ritual or a trick before going into the tunnel and doing your routine?

Kathya: For sure, I listen to the song before and visualize how I am flying and then I make sure to do warm up and stretching. And then I just be on my own, no people, just closing my eyes, listening maybe to something else and focus!

Herzliche Gratulation zu deinem ausgezeichneten 4. Platz, Kathya! Wir sind sehr stolz auf dich!