Get your summer special - now!

Summertime ist holiday-time - therefore we have something special for you!

Get our flight packages FLY4KIDS und FLY4TWO for cheaper prices during the summer.

As always with WINDOBONA ALL-INCLUSIVE performance:

  • Briefing
  • Equipment
  • Flying time depending on the chosen package
  • Competent attendance from a WINDOBONA Coach during the whole experience
  • A diploma for every flying guest.

Valid for appointment bookings from 1.july until 31.august 2017 (not valid for vouchers).

  • FLY4KIDS ONLY € 39

    Holidays? Only flying is better! Get your flying package FLY4KIDS Flugpaket for only € 39,- instead of € 45,- For nosey kids between 8 and 14 years. Including Briefing, equipment, 2 times 1 minute flying time and a diploma for 1 child.

  • FLY4TWO ONLY € 89

    Time for experience something new together! The flight package FLY4TWO for only € 89,- instead of € 97,- Including Briefing, equipment, 4 times 1 minute flying time (total) and a diploma, can be shared up to 2 people.